You Deserve

In Life

Dr. Ivan Rusilko

Lifestyle Medicine

I developed the model for “Lifestyle Medicine” early in my educational training in medical school. I came to find that traditional medicine focused solely on the prolongation of death more so than the augmentation of life... a philosophy I didn’t agree with.  

I support the philosophy that our mentality, physicality and emotionality are interlinked and each play as important a role as the other in the grand scheme of the human condition. Lifestyle Medicine focuses on addressing each of these components in a customized patient specific way.  

Having these three pillars work in harmony one can expect to experience more energy, better sex, improved sleep, renewed focus, a tighter toner physique with enhanced beauty, alleviated pain, and an overall sense of self-worth and generalized happiness about themselves and the world around them.

Embark on the journey to feel young and excited again. Life's too short for anything less than extraordinary in every aspect of your life. Invest in your most important asset... invest in YOU!

Life is relationship waiting to happen... make it one that serves you. 

Dr. Ivan Rusilko



You treat a disease you win you loose.
You treat a person I guarantee you you'll win