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oxytocin molecule and hands holding peptide vials


Lifestyle Medicine dictates one’s overall complete health. Every action and decision contributes towards one’s lifestyle, directly effecting their health.

“I developed this method of healing, Lifestyle Medicine, early on in medical school.  My discovery was that with traditional medicine, the prolongation of death seemed more important than the augmentation of life.  A philosophy I, nor my patients, agree with.”

We cater to patients who are committed to investing in themselves and their health.  This exclusive and elite practice is for those with the financial, motivational, and total overall means, complete the desire to experience their body and mind at peak performance. This method of medicine also caters to those who possess the full understanding that “lifestyle,” and “health,” go hand-in-hand.  The concept is that, aging, believe it or not, is a choice we all make ourselves. 


According to Dr. Ivan, “Each cigarette we smoke, drink we drink, extra serving of unhealthy food we indulge in, and late night out, truly weigh heavily on our bodies and our health, aging us.”


Lifestyle Medicine supports patients in the looking, feeling, and acting like you are 25 again mindset.  Those who are confident about their appearance, energy levels, sexual prowess, fitness ability, and mental fortitude will naturally look, feel, and act their very best.  With a strong emphasis on the connection between mind and body, helping one feel as if they were 25 years old again, will lead to both a lifestyle enhancement and life rejuvenating experience. This form of medicine varies from traditional medicine by focusing on one’s lifestyle and enhancing it. Where traditional medicine aims to correct problems, Lifestyle Medicine works to prevent them.  Customized programs are created by examining hormones, truly listening to the patients needs and applying necessary therapies.

Dr. Rusilko explains, “This is a holistic way with a medical method.  The process begins with complete blood testing to see exactly who you are biophysically.”  The labs used by Dr. Ivan Rusilko Lifestyle Medicine, are among the most well-credentialed and sought after in the world. Each test includes an initial consult, follow-up and plan formation.  By combining diagnostic testing with various procedures and programs offered, patients can obtain mental clarity, reach goals, and feel better than they ever imagined.  

After blood test results are obtained, there are three tiers the patient can choose from…Lifestyle, Fitness, and Anti-Aging.  From this, a two-month program is established , three goals set, and a jump-start to restarting your system has begun!  

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