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Become a Patient

Those wishing to become a patient please fill out the online medical questionnaire and payment form below. Once you have submitted this online form you will be ready to have your diagnostic labs drawn and begin your journey to you. 


The turnaround time can vary with each test drawn so a LFSTM representative will contact you upon completion of your results. This may range from days to weeks. Once your results are ready to be review with you, it will take place either in person or virtually and your program will be formulated. Each program cycle will last 2 months with some medications and supplements only lasting one. One can expect the course of treatment to last anywhere from two to four cycles (4-8 months) with some desiring to remain on indefinably. Once your treatment process has come to an end you will transition out of your program to resume a normal life but at a much younger age.

For your convenience we accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. If using a credit card, a 3% merchant fee will be added to the final bill. Wire transfers are also accepted but a confirmed transfer is required before any medications are dispensed or ordered. A credit card will be kept on file for convenience and used for all future procedures, refills and treatments.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you with your Lifestyle needs.



Lifestyle Medicine

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