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Dr. Ivan Rusilko

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“Life's too Short to be Normal”


Dr. Ivan Rusilko strives to provide a supreme quality of life for his patients, applying lifestyle diagnosis and treatment on an environmental, nutritional, medical, and motivational level. 

Dr. Ivan is a medically licensed physician who graduated from the largest medical college in the country, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he was selected for the Deans Award for his outstanding moral character along with academic excellence among his graduating class of 2010. Rusilko has received accreditations in medically based sports nutrition, hormone balancing, sexual health and medical fat loss from various organizations nationwide. He is certified in copious aesthetic procedures by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine and is involved in various philanthropic organizations such as The Ronald Reagan Foundation, The George Bush Library, UF, GW, LECOM, Mercyhurst and Georgetown University.


Nestled comfortably in the heart of Miami Beach, Rusilko's exclusive practice welcomes those truly dedicated to evolving into a better version of themselves. By applying diagnosis and treatment on an environmental, behavioral and medical level, Dr. Rusilko creates healthy lifestyle programs that support longevity and help improve overall quality of life. By getting to know his patients on a one-on-one basis, he targets lifestyle-related problems with an advanced clinical approach and individualized prescription. 


Dr. Rusilko served as the former Medical Director and Co-Founder of the Club Essentia Wellness Retreat at The Delano Hotel in Miami Beach. He was the Medical Fitness, Nutrition and Hormone Specialist at The MIAMI Institute located in the Four Seasons where he also worked to perfect his unique IV regimens. He has been featured as a health writer and lifestyle coach for The Washington Times and serves as a media expert and spokesperson for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His medical school even asked him to speak as the Key Note during their yearly summit as well as their white coat ceremony in 2018. 

While he practices out of his Miami Beach office, Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s talents are recognized globally. He has spoken internationally on his methods and unique forms of treatment to audiences of all sizes. With his first-hand experience in the exercise and nutrition field, Dr. Rusilko morphs medicine with a way healthy way of life for those willing to Invest in Themselves. 


"Age is a decision. Living life, the only option." 

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