Immunity Boost

Our imune system is vital to not only how we stay healthy but also how we age. As we experience more stress in life our immune system has to constantly increase its out put to compensate for it. This results in nutrition being stole from other parts of our body to help construct a defense against pathogens and diseases that tend to manifest only when the system is weak. Weekly IV's of high dose antioxidants help to diminish infections and illnesses, aid in correcting ongoing ones and prevent further ones from developing. 

The Boost

This IV program consist of large doses of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and peptides that work to enhance the functioning of the immune system along with the entire detoxification process located throughout the body. 

Program - $3000  

- 8 IVs taken within 2 months 

- Medical Supplment (2 months)

- Custom Peptide (2 months)