The human body is a machine comprised of physical, mental and emotional facets that work together to make up who we are and how we function. The health of each of one being just as important as the next in determining quality of life and the ability to preform the daily act of living. 


Enlightenment Medicine utilizes the unique properties of the medication Ketamine which was first synthesized in 1962 to treat wounded soldiers on the battlefields of Vietnam. 

Recently, Ketamine has been found to be very impressive in treating a variety of conditions including chronic pain, major depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar Illness, addiction and OCD.

When coupled with a full in depth Lifestyle Medicine program involving hormone and nutrition optimization and detoxification of toxins Ketamines effectiveness is enhanced and the results undeniable. 


Strategic dosing and nutritional replenishment is important in reducing any potential side effects while optimizing receptor activity. Enlightenment Medicine is much more than just your run of the mill “Ketamine Clinic” as we understand that there are so many more factors contributing to health dysfunctions that must be addressed in order to truly correct the disorder.