Curious about who you are internally?


Lifestyle Medicine offers diagnostic testing on all levels. Both in office and at home options are available. Prices include lab fees, shipping and handling, consultations and program formulations only. No medications, peptides or supplements are included in these options.



Complete hormonal, dietary (food sensitivities), toxin and candida/gluten diagnostic panel focused on improving fitness levels and reversing aging. This is the ideal for those looking to get in shape and achieve an overall better quality of life.


  • Neurotransmitters $600

       - Diagnosis the various chemical messengers produced by the brain that dictate how one feels, thinks and functions.

  • Cancer Screen $500

       - Baseline screening of biomarkers indicative of various types of cancer throughout the body.

  • Nutrition $1,000

       - Diagnosis the numerous types of vitamins and minerals responsible for the biophysical processes of living.

  • STD $300

       - Diagnosis of all forms of STD’s

  • Biological Age $2,000

       - Find out how old you actually are according to the length of your telomeres. Must be requested two weeks in advance.

  • Environmental Sensitivities $1,000

       - Diagnosis allergens found in the environment including dust, pollen, mold, etc.

  • Candida or Gluten Alone (included in initial testing) $200

       - Diagnosis of Candida or one’s sensitivity to Gluten


The at home testing option allows for patients not located in Miami to also become patients. Simply fill out your information online and a testing kit will be shipped your house that you can complete at your leisure. Upon receiving the results, a LFSTM representative will contact you to schedule your phone/online consultation with the doctor. 

The majority of medications, supplements and peptides can be shipped directly to you as well as part of your treatment process.