hair revival



Procedures like hair transplants, topical creams, and even PRP do little to address why your hair is actually falling out in the first place. Unlike other places, we first begin with a blood test that examines nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload and hormonal imbalances, which all contribute to losing one’s hair.


Once we have these results, a personalized two-month program will be designed in which you will undergo three procedures involving a daily regimen of cutting-edge peptide therapy, hormone balancing, nutritional augmentation and toxic clearance, and possibly injections of stem cells and/or PRP into the scalp.


During this program one can expect not only to see a thicker and fuller head of natural hair, but also achieve better sleep, more energy, stronger muscles, improve vitality and obtain an overall boost to both your life and lifestyle. The goal of this treatment is to bring your bio-physicality back to a level of optimum functionality.