Physical Medicine




Wellness Medicine focuses on enhancing one’s quality of life and overall vibrancy through the intricate inner balance of nutrition, hormones and the clearance of physiological stressors. One can expect improved energy, vigor, mood, sex, and quality of sleep to name just a few.


The core components of wellness medicine include sleep, nutrition, fitness, digestion, hormonal balance, sexual health, brain performance, metabolism, and stress reduction. Each new program navigates a series of phases that transition the patient safely from the initial consult through the implementation and ultimate completion of their Lifestyle Medicine Program.




The initiation stage begins with a detailed history and physical with Dr. Ivan Rusilko, in which goals and desired outcomes of your treatment are discussed. A series of blood tests and body analyses will then be conducted to determine your customized two-month program. An in-depth review of all results and a plan will be presented by the doctor for discussion and approval


Once the follow up review has been conducted and treatment regimen agreed upon the implementation of a two-month program will commence that caters to your physiological specifics as well as environmental or situational challenges to help you attain your goals, and in turn, reversing years of stress and aging.




All Lifestyle Medicine programs are comprehensive and carefully crafted for each patient but add-on components can be introduced to augment your progress and overall transformation. Follow up lab testing will be conducted to ensure safety as well as the optimization of the programs results.


Upon obtaining the desired results each patient will be transitioned safely off of their programs into a maintenance regimen more conducive to the patient’s normal lifestyle.


NOTE: Program duration will vary person to person and may require lifelong monitoring depending on each person’s physiological makeup.

NOTE: Program continuation can be continued indefinitely with modifications and adjustments being made along the way if desired.


three pillars:

hormone balancing

According to your lab results, a variety of different hormones will be prescribed to place your body into an optimized physiological state. Each program will work to restart the body’s natural ability to produce hormones as if it were at a much younger age. Adjustments will be made throughout the course of each program to maximize results safely and effectively.


medical nutrition

A complete diet program along with a customized oral supplementation and IV regimen will work to enhance your body’s ability to function on a metabolic level. Nutritional programs will be tailored according to each patient’s history, lab results, and overall goals.


biophysical detox

Clearing your system of toxic build up and stressors can leave your body fresh and functioning at full capacity. Substances like mercury, lead, and arsenic can slow one’s metabolism down and cause premature aging along with a myriad of other health complications. Using various supplements and IV’s to detoxify your system increases the program results with long-lasting effect.