Located in the “fitness” district of Miami Beach, Lifestyle Medicine is headquartered in the the sexiest city in the world. With a stunning view of Biscayne Bay, our office overlooks the Sunset Harbor Marina with valet parking being conveniently available for patients at 1800 Sunset Harbor South Tower on Purdy Avenue.


Sunset Harbor—voted “Neighborhood of the Year” in 2014— is the ideal place for locals to fuel up and get healthy! Lifestyle Medicine is located alongside other “feel great” leaders such as Fly Wheel/Fly Bar, Green Monkey Yoga, Sweat 440, and Barry’s Bootcamp making this the most motivated block in Miami Beach. Couple that with healthy eateries such as Ice Box, Stiltsville, PB Sushi and Fresh Market we are not just a great location but instead a phenomenal destination. 


While promoting privacy and undivided attention during each office visit, Dr. Rusilko is proud to extend a warm welcome to each visitor, whether local or passing through. 


Outside of Miami? Not a problem. Technology and mail in testing/programs allow us to reach an international crowd through remote medical care. You don’t have to live in Miami to be a patient.


Lifestyle Medicine

1800 Purdy Avenue Suite 1B Marina Side

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(786) 334-3664