Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), a form of Vitamin B3, is a metabolic co-enzyme found in all living cells and has more than 100 functions in the human metabolism.


It plays a key role in cellular metabolism and is tasked with the important job of structuring, repairing, and remodeling every cell in the body. These specialized enzymes require constant replenishment in the body.


NAD IV therapy helps to replenish these enzymes and target brain restoration which has been studied since the early 1920’s. Many of the chronic ailments that human beings suffer from tend to take root when the body is in an energy deficient cellular environment, meaning over stressed. Mitochondrial function, our bodies furnaces, is linked to overall health and have been link to a multitude of disease when they are deficient.


It is also believed that many people have a degree of subtle "subclinical" mitochondrial impairment that may lead to a cascading effect of disease development. About 90% of the energy the human body needs are met by mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Oxidative phosphorylation is a highly refined and efficient system for producing phenomenal amounts of energy that are required to maintain the structure and function of the body as well as regulate body temperature.




Certain health conditions are linked with a decrease in the efficiency of the mitochondria and cellular energy processes such as: sedentary lifestyle, aging, over eating, and drug abuse. NAD therapy is used for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and drug and alcohol abuse.


Studies have shown that NAD switches “off” the genes of aging, helps to extend life span, increases endurance, improves cognitive function, and enhances cellular energy. These benefits add up to a system-wide slowing and reversal of certain aging processes.


NAD IV program eases the discomfort of withdrawal, reduces cravings, produces a mind and body cellular restoration and speeds up the detox process. When a person stops taking drugs, their brain will eventually heal and rebuild lost receptors and neurotransmitters.


However, this process can take a long time and may be physically or emotionally difficult for both the patient and their family. NAD IV Therapy significantly speeds up this natural healing process.  It does this by bathing the brain with amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients thereby blocking the discomfort of withdrawal and jump-starting the process of healing the brain’s neurotransmitter and cognitive function. Some reports indicate NAD therapy can reduce withdrawal symptoms by 70-80%, though there are no research studies that prove this claim.



For those wishing to take their mental abilities to the next level, the NAD LFSTM protocol can be targeted to help advance your ability to think in unique ways. By boosting one’s potential to process information, and at the same time detoxing them from the accumulation of toxins built up over a lifetime, NAD can truly help reprogram your brain to be more effective in every instance.


NAD also supports detoxing one’s brain and therefore increasing its functionality. This can aid in diseases such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD, alcoholism, and chronic stress to name just a few.



NAD IV therapy requires one infusion per day for a total duration of 5-10 days. Between the 4th and 8th day, patients typically report feeling better, with increased mental clarity. However, it is important to note that patients must complete each infusion process in order to eliminate or minimize cravings.


More importantly, after receiving NAD IV therapy, each patient must still deal with the psychological aspects of addiction, otherwise there is an incidence of relapse. Though NAD IV therapy will need additional research and evaluation, the treatment does seem to produce positive results among patients struggling with addiction. Early data seems to indicate the highest success rates with NAD are among alcohol and opiate addictions. Patients can maintain their progress with 1-2 NAD IV’s monthly after their initial package.


Cellular dysfunction and dysregulation have been linked to numerous chronic conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, neurodegenerative disease and mental health disorders for which NAD therapy may show incredible results. Anything that increases stress; drugs, alcohol, stress, medications, chronic illness and age, all contribute to decreases in NAD+ stores, therefore lowering energy and causing cells to age.


The goal of therapy is to detoxify and replenish the brain chemistry into an augmented state with the administration of an NAD IV and other minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Other oral supplements are utilized during the treatment to enhance the procedure and are recommended to be taken daily. It usually takes around seven days for the change to be noticeable and depends greatly on the biochemistry of the patient before starting.


It is recommended that patients entering this therapy be on a full complete program with diagnostic testing and hormonal/nutritional/toxic balance. The treatment itself can be intense. Patients may feel abdominal tension, mild headache and chest tightening which is all normal. The administration of the protocol depends on the patient’s tolerance and can last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours. We have developed a unique protocol that allows for a faster than normal treatment experience. Where most IV clinics offer sessions that can take up to three hours, LFSTM can get you in and out in under an hour and a half.


Some may wish to add ketamine to their IV to help deal with issues such as PTSD, anxiety, panic disorders, depression and addiction. Studies have shown that this medication has the ability to help deal with such disorders in a non-addictive way. Please ask for more information regarding this upgrade possibility and if it is right for you.



1 Session - $600

5 Sessions - $2,500

10 Sessions - $4,500

(+) Ketamine Upgrade add an additional $200/IV (if qualify)

(+) Pre NAD IV-Booster add $100/IV