IV nutrition consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides and in some cases stem cells, delivered directly into the blood stream.


Compared to other routes of administration such as oral, transdermal, sub lingual, nebulizer and rectal, the absorption rate of these IV treatments are entirely 100%.


This is because there are many factors, some environmental, other physiological/genetic, that diminish the total amount these substances can be delivered making the intravenous administration the best form of nutrient delivery available.


At Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Rusilko utilizes his sports nutrition degree to help formulate one of a kind IV regimens for those looking to augment their nutrition and accelerate their detoxication.


With the growing enthusiasm surrounding these kinds of treatments many practitioners/businesses have diluted the market with subpar products in order to gain large margins.


Dr. Rusilko pioneered this form of treatment in Miami and stands behind his IV’s, where he uses full doses of each ingredient with blends consisting of no less than eight types of nutrients/bag.


Just because the bag may look similar to one you received somewhere else the make-up of it can be VASTLY different.