“Medicine that Makes you Smile Before and after Each Visit”                      


I developed the model “Lifestyle Medicine” early in my educational experience in medical school. I came to find that with traditional medicine the prolongation of death was more important than the augmentation of life... A philosophy I didn’t agree with.


Lifestyle Medicine is an ideology that aging is the choice we unknowingly make every day. Every cigarette smoked, glass of wine drank, overly starchy (yet delicious) food indulged in, and extended night out we take weighs heavily on our body’s health.


Numerous facilities and organizations offering “anti-aging” and/or aesthetic medical practices only target specific areas of one’s true potential. How we function internally will dictate how we look aesthetically and feel biologically. Correcting nutritional, hormonal, and toxic imbalances in the body is imperative not only to achieve optimum results but also to ensure long lasting ones.


“Helping others achieve a better version of themselves is an honor and a privilege I get to indulge in daily. For there are those that like to remember yesterdays and then those that like to create tomorrows. Become a creator of your tomorrow.”