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Case Studies

Medicine can be an amazing thing when you let medicine be medicine and not confined by insurance companies, big Pharma and the societal understanding of what is "traditional" medicine.  We aim to put the possible in impossible by treating a vast array of disorders in a straight forward common sense kind of way.​ If you treat someone like the are sick they will remain sick. If you give them the chance to grow there is no limit to the possibilities of what the human body can accomplish. 

Lee Hill Parkinsons patient



Some people get inspired while others are meant to inspire... all I can say is that Lee Hill Inspired me. Lee is 83 years old and has been suffering with Parkinson's for the last 8 years.

He walked through my door randomly seven months ago looking for something outside the box that could help him deal with the symptoms he was living with. Symptoms that had been dampening his quality of life for what seemed like an eternity. 

Traditional medicine had shelved him with the typical cocktail of emotionally draining drugs that did little to treat the disease but instead mask it. But the one thing that hadn't changed was his determination to never give up or stop fighting. He refused to accept that this is all life had left for him. 

He took a chance on me and my unique approach to how I thought Parkinson's, or any neuralgic disorder, should d be handled. We both reached for the stars... and found one.


Never let anyone tell you something is impossible... 



Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States... just imagine how many people have had their lives ruined by misdiagnosis that don't cause death... Wael was one of these people. 

A half assed diagnosis cost Wael 2 years of his life and unimaginable stress during the worst time in our history, the pandemic. With two beautiful children, loving wife and several business to look after the last thing he needed was a diagnosis such as this one. 

It only took us 1 week to pull him out of this funk and get him back in the game. You can tell by his video he was less than happy about how he was treated when he went the trading route.  

Brain lessions. MS medical error
Burn Patient before and after pics 1
Burn patient case studies oxygen therapy



Burn patients are some of the hardest patients to treat as their physicality, mentality and emotionality are all affected by their injury. Lisette, a 54 year old, was accidentally burned while using a laser to correct sunspots on her skin. It was a relatively risk free procedure that turned drastically wrong. 

Her story is about the mental anguish she suffered as she watched her skin peel off layer by layer and how she planned on treating it. Traditional medicine quoted her 6 months of open wounds with another six months of bandage wearing and sun avoidance. Thankfully she was internally optimized prior to her burn so the treatment she was prescribed almost worked too well. 

Exosomes alonside HBOT were the key ingredients in bring her skin back to near perfect in just 4 days... yes 4 days... not one year! A self diagnosed miracle in her eyes... and even ours. 

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