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Programs & Treatments

Lifestyle Medicine offers a vast array of treatments and programs that are customized to each patients unique biochemistry and lifestyle. With a focus being place one treating ones mentality, physicality and emotionality we believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Programs & Diagnostics

Biomarker Testing to Help Tailor Your Treatment Plan


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Help Maximize How your Body Uses Oxygen

Peptide Therapies

Blood Purification and Enhancement using Ozone and UBI Tx

Metabolic and Age Testing

Through the ability of the PNOE breath testing system we can now tell your biological age, metabolic fitness, and RMR. 

Hair & Skin Restoration 

We focus on finding the cause and offering a tailored longterm solution to our patients hair loss and skin issues.

IV Therapies

One of a Kind Intravenous  Nutrition Used for an Array of Possibilities

Ketamine Therapies

Emotional Health Tx Using a Unique Blend of Nutrients and Ketamine  


Mitochondrial Renewal Therapy Using Unique Blends of NAD+

Hormone Balancing/Augmentation

This program will work to restart the body’s natural ability to produce hormones as if it were at a much younger age.

Medical Adventure Club

The first and only of its kind...

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