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Stem cell and exosome therapy are revolutionary approaches that involve the introduction of cells and cellular products to a localized area to stimulate the body’s natural repair response internally triggering a restorative transformation on a cellular level. This has shown to produce immediate tissue response, optimized and escalated healing conditions, and reduced recovery time by incredible margins.

Dr. Rusilko’s clinical one-two punch, focusing not only introducing the cells but also optimizing the patients’ hormones, nutrition and detoxification pre and post treatment, produces dramatic and sustainable results. These cells can be introduced into many areas of the body and work to heal the body from the inside out.


Areas Treated:

– Facial Rejuvenation

– Hair Augmentation

– Joint and Muscle Pain

– Overall Health and Vitality

– Wound Healing and Injury Recovery

– Sexual Augmentation

– Pain Management

- Overall Age Restoration