COmplete Cleanse

Toxins can enter our system in numerous ways. Through what we eat, we drink, we breath, we touch... 

Once inside our body they consume large amounts of energy draining our system of essential nutrition and stressing us in the process. This stress leads aging, diseases, chronic pain, infections, wrinkles... the list is endless. Identifying what our system is overloaded with and then working to remove these enviormental stressors is key in living longer, happier and healthier. 


  • Mercury, arsenic, lead

  • Candida, h. pylori

The Cleanse

This IV program consist of large doses of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and peptides that work to cleanse the system of potential toxins and restore the nutrients that have been depleted. 

Program - $3000  

- 8 IVs taken within 2 months 

- Medical Supplment (2 months)

- Custom Peptide (2 months)